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Employee Retention Strategies: 39 Companies’ Key Methods for Retaining Talent

Published in the Timedoctor blog

Includes exclusive quotes of 39 HR leaders from top global companies like IBM, Microsoft, Airbus, Dell, Jaguar Land Rover and many more.

Enterprise Sales: 47 Experts Share their Top Tips for Winning at Complex Sales

 Published in the Knowlarity Blog  

Includes quotes from 47 of the world's biggest sales experts and CEOs of top sales training companies.

Scaling Up Your Business: 33 Leaders on the Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

Published in Huffpost

33 well known CEOs such as Rand Fishkin (Moz), Brian Halligan (Hubspot) give aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs advice on scaling up.

Posts on Top Blogs  

Four Questions to Help You Overcome Procrastination

Published in Lifehacker

Avoid putting off work at the last moment. If you ask yourselves these four key questions, you will be able to break the habit of procrastination.

How To Protect Your Job From The Next Recession, Whenever It Hits

Published in Fast Company

Economic downturns tend to be cyclical. You’ll be glad you took these four steps now before the next one happens.  

10 Distractions That Sabotage Your Blogging Success

Published in Problogger

Learn how to overcome 10 serious distractions that can put your blog at risk and affect your blogging success.

Long Form Articles

Remote Work: The Ultimate Guide to Doing Kick-Ass Work from Anywhere

Published in the Timedoctor Blog

A 12,000 word article with a ton of tips and tricks to make your remote working experience more productive.

Inbound Sales Calls: The Ultimate Guide to Higher Conversions

Published in Knowlarity blog

An indepth look into the challenging yet rewarding technique of mastering inbound sales calls. Including exclusive quotes from CEOs running inbound sales functions.

Positive vs. Negative Emotions: What really works in Content Marketing?

Published in Successiswhat Blog

Learn how emotions convey a lot of meaning and depth in content marketing.